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Ethernet over Fiber (EoF)

High Bandwidth Fiber Optic Connectivity

A large enterprise demands much from its network, requiring it to serve hundreds of users in multiple locations, using high-bandwidth cloud-based applications and communicating via VoIP and video. Until recently, the only option for a network of this size and complexity was a DS3, or some fraction of it, and dedicated, old-school bandwidth. Expensive, but reliable. Happily, now even large enterprises have an alternative for their WAN transport: Ethernet over Fiber Service. Using high capacity optical fiber allows the Ethernet over Fiber Service Provider to offer gigabit speeds, fast deployment, scalable pipe, and the Quality of Service and SLA’s that VoIP and video demand.

No business today, no matter its size, and no matter its technology budget, can afford to ignore the cost and service advantages offered by Ethernet over Fiber (EoF). Ethernet over Fiber services are a great solution for large businesses because they’re versatile, cost-effective, and scalable, supporting SaaS, cloud-computing, and e-commerce, – all of which need guaranteed capacity, uptime and throughput. Only Ethernet over Fiber can support speeds above 100MB, can deliver GB speeds with symmetrical upload and download capacity, and can easily grow to DS3 / OC3 sizes. And EoF is ideally suited to nationwide networks with multiple nodes, using MPLS protocol to efficiently connect all nodes to all nodes, replacing vulnerable and expensive P2P lines.

And large organizations, with employees dispersed nationwide, may have a mission-critical need to collaborate over a network that allows for both real-time virtual communication as well as data sharing. Ethernet over Fiber supports several dedicated line services that allow for a truly customized network structure. For example, Ethernet Private Line, a P2P connection that is truly scalable, or Ethernet Virtual Private Lines, point-to-multiple-point LAN connections – both of which make traditional provisioned private lines look like dinosaurs. Ethernet over Fiber has all the features any large enterprise network mandates, while realizing the cost savings in unused bandwidth and expensive CPE that Ethernet technology offers.

Contact Ethernet, LLC to speak with a communications specialist to find the premier Ethernet over Fiber Service Provider serving your network or the best connectivity options available. Ethernet, LLC partners with all the top Ethernet carriers offering business-class service in the market today. These include Windstream, AT&T, EarthLink, TW Telecom, MegaPath Networks, Level (3), XO Communications, Telnes Broadband or Telepacific. Let the right Ethernet over Fiber Service Provider help you put the budget burdens of that DS3 or OC3 line behind you, and enjoy the bandwidth, features and value of Ethernet service solutions today.