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Ethernet VoIP (QoS)

Ethernet Voice over IP with Quality of Service

Voice over IP is a cost-effective, elegant way to take full advantage of your business’ data network: by running your voice traffic over a data pipe that you already pay for. The catch: the quality of the voice calls depends on the size of the pipe, the quality of your LAN equipment, and the amount of latency and jitter you’re willing to put up with on each phone call. What does it say about your business if employees sitting at their desks sound like they’re driving through the Holland Tunnel? The telephone is mission-critical for most businesses, which is why many small and medium-sized businesses are still clinging to their PRI lines.

Ethernet Voice over IP now offers Voice over Internet Protocol with a Quality of Service that reduces latency and jitter to negligible levels – courtesy of the speed, redundancy and superior transfer protocol of an optical fiber Ethernet WAN. VoIP service is the perfect example of the kind of high bandwidth, low latency application that high-speed Ethernet Service makes possible for small, medium and home businesses of all kinds. Voice calls, originally analog, are made digital via SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), turned into packets, and reassembled into your analog voice at the other end – in the right order, with no delay or funny noises. Calling from your business’ VoIP phone to another across your nationwide network, or to an analog phone anywhere else, VoIP Service Providers offer you analog quality of service at a digital price.

Voice over Internet Protocol service used to be the kind of sophisticated, high-bandwidth application only large enterprises were willing to take on, because only the prospect of saving tens of thousands of dollars a month on PRI lines made the project worthwhile. Now, Ethernet VoIP Service brings pin-drop-quality voice service to your Ethernet WAN inexpensively and effectively, with mission-critical Quality of Service guarantees.

Contact Ethernet, LLC to speak with a communications specialist to find the premier Ethernet Service Provider in your area or the best connectivity options available. Ethernet, LLC partners with Verizon Fios, AT&T U-Verse and CenturyLink, Comcast and Time Warner for residential services, and Windstream, AT&T, EarthLink, TW Telecom, MegaPath Networks, Level (3), XO Communications, Telnes Broadband or Telepacific for business services. Let the right Ethernet Voice over IP Service Provider help you put the limitations of that T1, DSL line or cable broadband connection behind you, and enjoy the bandwidth, features and value of Ethernet VoIP Service solutions today.