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Fast Ethernet (FastE)

Data Transfer Rates of 100 Mbps per Second

Today’s small business competes with businesses of every size in every corner of the globe, thanks to the power of the Internet.  If your business isn’t using Fast Ethernet, then you’re not as fast, agile and competitive as you need to be.  Today’s small business has access to the kind of high-bandwidth tools that previously only enterprise-size networks could effectively support.  Now, a single lawyer legal practice, for example, can use several VoIP phone lines, high-definition streaming video-conferencing, remote document storage and transfer, and a slew of cloud-based business applications (SaaS) – all over a Fast Ethernet Service WAN at a competitive price.

Does your business use Voice over IP for cost-efficient, feature-rich phone service? Does your business use high-bandwidth, high-definition imaging, document management or data storage? Does your business use video-streaming applications like Skype to save on travel and meeting costs, and to foster teamwork and camaraderie among employees?  Does your business subscribe to software in the cloud instead of buying discs and licenses for each new update of your critical business programs?  Why not?

If your answer was, because my Cable Broadband, T1 or fractional DS3 can’t keep up, or is just too expensive, then you need to talk to your Fast Ethernet Service Provider about Fast Ethernet (FastE). Fast Ethernet Broadband, or FastE over Fiber, gives your SMB the ability to compete with mission-critical performance standards at budget-friendly, cost-efficient prices – and connect with customers, vendors, contractors and employees over a nationwide Optical Fiber network.  When every size business has access to the same tools, and uses the same sophisticated technology, then there’s no limit to what your business can achieve – without throwing your telecom dollar down the drain.

Fast Ethernet Services are available everywhere your business has an Ethernet LAN, and Ethernet P2P (Point-to-Point) service is an inexpensive alternative to private lines for those hard-to-reach locations.  Contact Ethernet, LLC to speak with a communications specialist to find the premier Fast Ethernet Service Providers in your area or the best connectivity options available.  Ethernet, LLC partners with Windstream, AT&T, EarthLink, TW Telecom, MegaPath Networks, Level (3), XO Communications, Telnes Broadband or Telepacific to serve its business customers.  Residential service is available through Verizon Fios, AT&T U-Verse and CenturyLink, Comcast or Time Warner.  Let the right FastE Service Provider help you put the limitations of your current connection behind you, and enjoy the bandwidth, features and value of Fast Ethernet service solutions today.